Turbo Design is the design and illustration studio of Lee Downing. My independent creative endeavors have allowed me to work with many fascinating people and companies over many years. And thanks to the internet, I now have clients in Atlanta, Denver and Destin, Florida. I’m always looking for that next project though…feel free to send me an email!


So what’s with this Turbo stuff?

My studio name evolved from my very first computer, which I had named Turbo, since it had the fastest processor of the two Macs at my last place of full-time employment. The Turbo name followed me out the door, a year or so later, when I became an independent designer.

Nine computers later I’m up to a 3.4 GHz processor, not quite the fastest, but I remain highly efficient and equally enamored with all things Apple.

When not designing or painting, you can find me enjoying the beach lifestyle and practicing gratitude.