Branding Objective: Showcase boutique wines with fresh, creative cuisine. The jewel tones reflect the friendly and fun yet sophisticated ambiance.

Originally brought into the Vin’tij Wine Bistro restaurant family to do a few ads in 2009, my role expanded as they took advantage of my professional skills and I happened to know the founding partner of Vin’tij, award-winning Chef John Jacob. (wink!)

I ended up redesigning the original website, becoming the staff photographer and copywriter, crafting social media and fine-tuning the Vin’tij brand identity, which served them well for their first 20 years. Plus I created a couple of t-shirts along the way. It’s been an amazing gig with the bonus of fun wine tastings and the most delicious cuisine! And yes, John still cooks for me, even though he is now Capt. John and has created a second career with his fly-fishing charter company, 7wtCharters.